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Peil et al., (2013); PNAS 110 (38): 15265-15270; K. Jung Lab


Distinct XPPX sequence motifs induce ribosome stalling, which is rescued by the translation elongation factor EF-P

Peil, L., Starosta, A.L., Lassak, J., Atkinson, G., Virumäe, K., Spitzer, M., Tenson, T., Jung, K., Remme, J., Wilson, D.N. (2013)

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 110(38):15265-15270

130926_paper_jungDuring protein synthesis, ribosomes catalyze peptide-bond formation between amino acids with differing efficiency. We show that two or more consecutive prolines induce ribosome stalling, and that stalling strength is influenced by the amino acid preceding and following the prolines. In bacteria, the elongation factor EF-P efficiently rescues the ribosome stalling irrespective of the XPP or PPX motif.